The Spider Surgical instrument sure looks like one!

This post on “boingboing” from the eminent Cory Doctorow caught my eye so  I thought I’d share it here.

Rarely do my interests in technology, surgery, robotics and cool stuff mash together like this SPIDER surgical instrument:

The TransEnterix SPIDER Surgical System is a laporoscopic surgical instrument that allows for easy tool-swapping without withdrawing the device from the patient. It also happens to look like a distant ancestor to Moravec’s bush robot.

Flexible Laparoscopy With The Spider System Is Characterized By:# Triangulation achieved via single site access
# True left and true right instrumentation
# Flexible, articulating instruments
# A single-operator platform
# An open platform with multiple working channels

TransEnterix SPIDER Surgical System Gets CE Mark

Check out the original post on BoingBoing here: SPIDER on BoingBoing


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