FRIDAY COSIGN 10/08/2010 Medical Wizards Library for iOS (+ FREEBIES )

This week I want to talk about Medical Wizards Library, an alternative to electronic medical reference apps like Skyscape & Lexi, it’s free to download and included a FREE 1 year subscription to their @Hand: Chief Complaints in Pediatrics, well worth  checking out just for that free resource if nothing else. One nice feature is that they offer trials for their products, I downloaded a 10 day free trial of @Hand: Infectious Disease and 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2011, which is nice for evaluating products before actually buying them. The app also seems to allow users to search their entire library instead of only being able to search within an individual library/resource.



They have programs and medical references covering all the main specialties, resources for nursing, physician assistants as well as Doctors, and include well-know resources such as the 5-minute clinical consult products.

Medical Wizards is new to me, and I have to say I’m glad that there is another player in the mobile medical reference field, as I find Skyscape and LEXI products extremely too expensive, often priced higher than the alternative printed books. Hopefully some more competition in this field will lower prices so that more medical professionals and trainees can use these fantastic medical reference tools to both our own and our patients benefits.

I still can’t believe that electronic resources are so expensive in comparision to traditional printed materials. At best most electronic resources are priced the same as printed material, which I feel doesn’t make sense and is not fair. The cost of delivering the electronic product is a fraction of that for the same printed, paper resource, and I don’t feel  the benefits of the electronic alternative – such as portability, searching the entire text – warrant the cost of entry, especially considering the fact that the paper alternative can be resold once you are finished with it and will not run out of battery, break when dropped etc.

I suppose that there are some advantages and disadvantages for both mediums, and that we are still not quite *there* yet as far as electronic media goes, not just in terms of medical reference materials, but also for eBooks, music and videos.

I hope that the Medical Wizards app is useful to you, how do you feel about electronic resources like this and my take on the subject? Please leave a comment below or drop me an email/twitter message.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

an iTunes link to the Medical Wizards Library is here: Medical Wizards Library

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