Options for pre-residency IMGs and FMGs after Medical School

I have been thinking about what options fellow IMGs (International Medical Graduates) and FMGs (Foreign Medical Graduates) have when applying to Residency Programs in the United States after completing Medical School outside of the USA.

Due to differences between timing of the academic year at Medical Schools and Universities outside of the United States, and also the time taken for non-US Medical School documentation to be recieved and approved I understand that FMGs and IMGs may be out of the system for at least up to a year or two while waiting to even be able to apply for a US residency program, never mind actually being successful and getting onto one.

I have Brainstormed a MindMap that I intend to populate in  weeks and months to follow, the first and most current iteration of which I wanted to post here for your information, comments and advice. I have a jpg of the map below it, it’s a high resolution image but only about 800k in size.

I hope this is useful, please leave any other options you think I may have missed out in the comments below or please email me, especially if you are/were an IMG/FMG so that we can share your experiences to help others!


Options after medical school for IMGs / FMGs

Options after medical school for IMGs / FMGs



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