Films relevant to a medical education

I think that there are lots of great films out there that are relevant to medical education, whether it’s in terms of understanding the public’s perception of certain conditions, being made aware of dis/misinformation portrayed in films that our patients may be exposed to or actually because the film in question very accurately portrays a certain condition or medical scenario.

Here are some films that may be relevant to student doctors, nurses and medical professionals:



Infectious diseases

Medical School


Obstetrics and Gynaecology



Plastic and reconstructive surgery



  • Seven Pounds ( touching film about a man – played by Will Smith – who goes on a journey to transform the lives of seven people he doesn’t know.


This post is very much a work in progress, I will be updating this post with new film titles as and when I think of or see ones relevant to medicine. If you like to please submit your films with their respective medical areas of relevance in the comments section below.

First published: 19th April 2010

Updated 21st April 2010: Added Girl, Interrupted and My Name is Khan to ‘Psychiatry,’ and My Sister’s Keeper to ‘Oncology’

Updated 24th May 2010: Added ‘Flatliners’ to Medical School, and ‘Seven Pounds’ to Transplantation

Updated 29th May 2010: Added ‘Fight Club’ to Oncology & Psychiatry

Updated 28th September 2011: Added ‘Lorenzo’s Oil’ to Genetics


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