The most interesting thing I’ve seen in medical school…

I keep a ‘’ profile at where people can ask me questions – anonymously if they like – which I then answer. A friend of mine on Twitter retweeted something from my ‘Formspring’ profile saying that it was an ‘amazing story’ so I thought I’d share it here front & centre instead of hidden on my Formspring as it seemed significant enough for him to want to distribute it.

It truly was the most interesting and moving thing I have seen at medical school, here is the question and my answer, posted in February 2010

What is the most interesting thing you have seen as you are going through medical school?

The list is endless, but without a doubt the event that has had the biggest impact on me was my very first encounter with clinical medicine.

I arrived at the hospital to attend my very first ward round, when I walked onto the ward I saw that there were a group of Doctors and Nurses performing CPR on a patient. I asked if they needed any help – they did – and proceeded to get involved after putting on some gloving up.

First I held bags of blood that were being transfused into the patient, and then I performed chest compressions. We took turns as a team, while the other Doctors gave the patient various injections to improve the heart pumping and keep the patient alive. The defibrillator was used to shock the patient back to life many times, and after at least 45 minutes or an hour of performing CPR the patient was wheeled to the operating room – with me and the rest of the team in tow performing CPR all the way from the ward, through the corridors even outdoors on the way to the OR. The patient was stabilised in the OR and after having a major operation made a full recovery and is doing well to this day.

With no doubt this was the most interesting thing I have ever seen to date in medical school, and left a lasting memory on just how life changing medicine can be.


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