The Future Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference

On the 14th November 2009 I attended The Future Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference at The Royal Society of Medicine in London, England. The conference was targeted at medical students and junior Doctors with an interest in finding out more about Orthopaedics. The first half of the day was spent hearing from Orthopaedic Surgeons from various specialties, many of which were inspiring and offered us an insight into what life can be like as an Orthopaedic Surgeon aswell as an opportunity to ask questions.

The flyer for the event can be downloaded here if you are so inclined: FOSC 2009 Flyer

We had talks on:

  • Hip Surgery from Mr Lee David
  • Foot ankle surgery and subspecialisation from Mr Ian Stephen
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Training, selection and jobs from Mr Benjamin Caesar
  • Paediatric Surgery from Mr H Akrawi
  • Knee Surgery from Mr Chinmay Gupte
  • Upper limb surgery from Mr Tim Crook
  • Trauma

Here is a video of all the delegates in the Max Rayne Auditorium at the Royal Society of Medicine waiting for lectures to start:

There was a poster display set up where 20+ delegates had prepared posters on various aspects of Orthopaedics which were enjoyed during the breaks and judged by the conference faculty for who had the best poster. Here is a video showing the delegates viewing the posters during a break:

I presented a poster which reported the findings of an audit project I participated in investigating the impact the introduction of a trauma list plan had on operating theater utilisation at The Whittington Hospital, one of our teaching hospitals at University College London Medical School. I recorded a video of the poster presentations and uploaded it to YouTube here:

The afternoon was supposed to be spent in various practical hands-on sessions, however DePuy were unable to source the equipment for the sessions so instead we split into 2 groups and enjoyed talks from DePuy representatives who outlined their systems for Ankle arthroplasty and Distal Radius fracture fixation.

I live-tweeted the event (until my iPhone ran out of battery!) and have pasted my tweets below, as I think some of the one-liners and quotes shared by speakers at Conferences are the best thing about attending them (tweets pasted in reverse chronological order):

  • You know what’s awesome? The research/audit project I presented today & 2 weeks ago at conferences is from the hospital where I was born!!
  • Today was so much fun I was sitting in the car just now for 10 minutes watching the videos of the conference I recorded! #fosc
  • Battery died, conference was as awesome and more so than it sounded!! #fosc
  • All this time you thought a jig was just a dance #Fosc
  • Wow I’m so excited I’m sitting here just nodding my head and rocking back and forth like a madman #Fosc
  • This is awesome. In theater you never get to play with the gear in the equipment trays like this! #fosc
  • ‘… and this is a tibial jig’ EASY MATE NO NEED TO GET RACIAL #Fosc
  • We are going to learn how to use the DePuy Mobility Total Ankle System πŸ™‚ #fosc
  • The other DePuy rep just turned up πŸ˜€ #fosc
  • Props to the company man that is asking how much each prosthesis costs to set up #fosc
  • I would say only the real ‘future orthopaedic surgeons’ are standing up instead of sitting down for this arthroplasty tutorial! #fosc
  • ‘what bone is that?’ ‘well it’s not humerus’ ‘i wasn’t trying to be funny’ AN ORIGINAL JOKE BY ME πŸ˜€
  • Reverse shoulder arthroplasty win #fosc
  • This guy from DePuy is the only drug rep I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have a tablet pc with him, or any laptop… #Fosc
  • ‘The sawbones, models and powertools are not here, and i’m down a colleague’ damn! #Fosc
  • DePuy guy has been stood up he says, but he’s doing a good job teaching us about ortho kit #fosc
  • ‘unfortunately the courier didn’t drop off two boxes of power tools and fake hands for you to play with’ #fosc
  • Lag screws. Clever #fosc
  • Next there are practical sessions on Trauma and fracture fixation, Ankle fusion and Shoulder arthroplasty – and I’m booked on all 3! #fosc
  • Winning poster was on tissue engineering and orthopaedics, same speaker won prize at @upras for plastic TE poster I was at last year!
  • – Armenian pharmacy, one of the best things about coming to the RSM on Wimpole St
  • – They have asked all of the poster presenters to wait behind for a while #fosc
  • Let’s play Jeopardy. The answer was ‘Carry out a tertiary survey.’ Can you guess what my question was?
  • If it was embedded properly, we would have just seen this epic kickboxing fracture video #fosc
  • #intimaltear #fail #maybeshouldhavect’dpatientfirst #fosc
  • The most important person in the operating theatre is the patient – Russell John Howard #fosc
  • My answer, verbatim: ‘a soft tissue injury with a broken bone, or something like that’ #fosc
  • The feasibility of an operation is not the best indicator for it’s performance #fosc
  • Maybe I boomed out the answer to speakers question of ‘who here can define what a fracture is?’ a bit too loud #fosc
  • ‘A fracture is a broken bone wrapped up in an injured patient’ #fosc
  • ‘… here we have a motorbike which has been sandwiched between two cars’ #fosc
  • Trimodal distribution of death after trauma: immediate, 1-2 hours after (tension pneum) 3-4 weeks after (multiorgan failure, sepsis) #fosc
  • ‘we can’t control the initial injury, we CAN influence the outcome’ #fosc
  • 😦 the video files in the presentation are not playing… people need to know about Publish-? Package for CD in Powerpoint!
  • kinetic energy equation… 1/2m*vsquared… energy absorbed at 30mph is 45*mass, but 80*mass at 40 mph. Slow down! #fosc
  • ‘if you really want to witness trauma maybe you should go to Iraq and Afghanistan’ <– for real #fosc
  • Final talk of the day is on ‘Trauma’ from Mr H Akrawi #fosc
  • ‘circular saw injury’ <– a ‘wake-up’ slide #foscΒ Β  The good thing about naming fractures is that
  • Doctors don’t give each one a different name like we do with hurricanes. Can you imagine!?!
  • eek. that radiograph speaker just put up had patient’s name and details on it… #fosc
  • shoulder replacement = very good #fosc
  • wow. i am watching this shoulder arthroplasty and understand both what is going on and what there is. i have come aΒ  long way #fosc
  • ‘anchors,’ not screws. effing cool mate #fosc
  • bone screws with attached sutures, and their arthroscopic suturing is very cool #fosc
  • arthroscopy for rotator cuff tears now πŸ™‚ #fosc
  • Showing us video of arthroscopic treatment for bony shoulder impingement #fosc
  • “Upper limb surgery” – Miss Toni Ardolino #fosc
  • This photo has cropped up in multiple talks at multiple conferences I’ve been at. Hilarious πŸ™‚
  • Spinal surgeons can send off CT scans and get back a physical model of the patient’s spine to plan their surgery on. Cool #fosc
  • only 3% female out of 209 spinal surgeons #fosc
  • “Spinal surgery” – Mr Nick Steele #fosc
  • Remember: You are privileged to be learning a healing art, never take it or your patients for granted #fosc
  • The reward of being a knee surgeon: patient saying ‘Thank You.’ It’s not just financially and intellectually rewarding πŸ™‚ #fosc
  • Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore mention tally = 3 #fosc
  • – Delegates at Future Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference #fosc
  • “Knee Surgery” – Mr Chinmay Gupte #fosc
  • 4% of orthopaedic surgeons in the UK are female #fosc
  • … the only reason I’m an examiner is so that I can stay up to date with whats current…’ #fosc
  • There are twice as many medical students as doctors here today at The Future Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference #fosc
  • People attending revision course before exams have a 40% improved chance of passing said exam #fosc
  • ‘Robert Jones’ use of the Thomas splint makes him the founding father of British orthopaedics, not Charnley…’ #fosc
  • Current economic crisis has stalled expansion of Trauma and Orthopaedics #fosc
  • Complete audit is *essential* at all levels of application, and a GMC requirement #fosc
  • Last round of jobs – there was 1 job per 15 applications #fosc
  • In the last two years, every senior trainee that was given a job had completed a higher degree. #fosc
  • BOA has accepted that next year there WILL be a 10% reduction in training numbers #fosc
  • We currently have the largest cohort of SpRs due to complete in 2012 – 120 of them! #fosc
  • Surprisingly the Future Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Conference is NOT the sausage-fest I was expecting… #fosc
  • In the old days you came out of medical school and you were a Doctor, but now on graduation you’re a sort-of Doctor’ #fosc
  • ‘MTAS has left a legacy of bitter and disappointed people across the country’ #fosc
  • Apple keynote presentations are awesome
  • “Training, selection and jobs” – Mr Benjamic Caesar
  • A: ‘I haven’t asked my boss, but they do alright.’ Cool. #fosc
  • I asked question: on average paediatric doctors and orthos earn least and most respectively, what about paediatric orthos? #fosc
  • ‘… If you’re in doubt just say Salter Harris type II…’#fosc
  • ‘… children are NOT little adults…’ #fosc
  • Remember – knee pain comes from the HIP unless proven otherwise #fosc
  • ‘We look after sweet little kids and their little radiolucent growth plates’ #fosc
  • Congenital vertical talus #fosc
  • Calcaneovalgus foot #fosc
  • Teenie, tiny baby legs with plaster casts for serial correction of equinovarus deformity #fosc

As you can see, the conference was an interesting one, and I had a great time there.

The Future Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference was organised by Future Orthopaedic Surgeons, an online resource for medical students and junior doctors interested in orthopaedic surgery. Their website is here and they have a Twitter page here @FutureOrtho


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