Must. Blog. More…

Twitter has been great for allowing me to get short, snappy bursts of information out there, but I am going to start blogging more because there are a number of topics that I want to discuss and write about that cannot be covered in 14- characters.

I am planning to blog about the following topics in the weeks and months to come

  • Weekly or fortnightly updates on what I’ve been up to at Medical School with some anecdotes
  • Use of technology in medical school education/training
  • Behaviour of medical students & doctors online – where do we draw the line
  • Any difficulties I have been having, how I have got around them and how I hope to avoid them in future
  • As above, except for victories and good things
  • Random musings

Have spent an hour or so this evening tidying up my WordPress blog and making it a little bit better than before, its going to be an iterative process.

This short blog post breaks my 18 month blog-silence and serves as a placeholder for more good things to come 🙂



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