Came THIS close to “throwing in the towel”

Woke up at 5.30 this morning, left the house at 6.30 to get the 6.53 train. Arrived at the Hospital at 8.00am. Freshened up and got my seat in the lecture theatre before session started at 8.30. Lectures and practical sessions went non-stop until 12pm, after which I zipped across town to view an apartment I had my eye on (my first apartment EVER and will be my first time “properly” living away from home comforts – read as ‘Mom’s home cooking’), signed the contract and collected the keys, before heading back to the Hospital with a few minutes to spare to get busy in a practical session on Venepuncture. Basicallly I had a long day with no breaks and when it was time for me to hit the wards this afternoon at 3.30pm I literally couldn’t be bothered and felt as if I had had enough and wanted to go home.


Instead of throwing in the towel I took a short breather, had a coffee and hit the library to read a couple of chapters from two books (“The Essential Guide to Becoming a Doctor”, 2nd Edition by Adrian Blundell, Richard Harrison, Benjamin Turney and “Study Skills and Tomorrow’s Doctors” by David W. Bullimore). I felt a bit more comfortable about what was expected of me as a clinical student and left the library heading towards the escalators on my way to the ward.


I’m so glad that I didn’t just go home. I ended up having a great chat with an elderly gentleman, who was very happy to start talking to me after realising how pleased I was that he was wearing the same pyjamas that I have at home, and from speaking with him I managed to find out some information about his past medical history and family history which was not documented in his notes and might contribute to unravelling what was wrong with him.


When it came for me to add these notes to his file I found out that I wasn’t even carrying a pen! I asked a Nurse if I could borrow a pen and she told me that normally she never carried a spare, but for some odd reason she said that her intuition told her to pack a spare today.


If that’s not a sign from the heavens that persevering and being driven to pursue challenges is the right thing to do, then I don’t know what is. It’s a shame that he has to stay another night in the hospital to have more investigations tomorrow, as I know he said he wanted to go home, but I look forward to meeting him again tomorrow and following his journey within the hospital.


Oh yeah! I’m really looking forward to actually living 20 minutes away from University! It should sky rocket my productivity (as to date I have been living at home and commuting, which has swallowed up 3-to-4 precious hours per day), aswell as my contribution to my medical teams at the hospital and – most importantly – my patients.


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